Sunday, January 3, 2016


It seems like such and simple pleasure, and it is, but being able to lie in bed in the morning with my coffee and read books or watch YouTube videos, has been one of my most favourite things to do while being on holiday. 

I don't get much time to read anymore so I'm making the most of my holiday. 

Church of Marvels - Leslie Parry.
Coffee - L'affare Colombia (plunger grind) with coconut milk. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Paleo, yo.

Alya would be proud. If you don't know who Ayla is, well let's just say she was a sling shot wielding, lion riding badass non-caveman from caveman times, or better yet read the Clan of the Cave Bear books and you'll get my reference...I digress.

I decided to give the Paleo diet a try - in case you've been living under (or rather in) a rock #cavemanjoke #hahaha, it's commonly known as the caveman diet. The basic premise being that you eat foods similar to what our caveman ancestors ate - unprocessed foods that you could hunt and gather; meat, fruit, vegetables and nuts, and that's pretty much it. Read more about it in these hella cute cartoons.

I haven't really been feeling the best the past few moths, which I mainly put down to the stress of the past year and weight gain since returning to NZ from Japan - due mostly to the dramatic change in types of foods and eating habits.  This coupled with a pretty moderate health scare I had very recently, prompted me to do something about it. It's not like I was that unhealthy to begin with - I ate quite well, although with a few too many extravagances, especially the past few months, and I exercised very regularly - running, body pump and body balance at the gym, but I still didn't feel "well". So, Paleo. When I was still living in Japan, I remember my cousin telling me that her and her boyfriend we doing it, and thinking a) what? that sounds ridiculous and, b) I am intrigued, but it would be almost impossible for me to do here. 

Fast forward to now. I spent a bit of time Googling and looking on Pintrest for inspiration and found a pin for a 30 day paleo challenge by Robin's Sweet Confessions which is what I decided to use as guide. I haven't been following this to the letter, but I have taken up the challenge - 30 days of paleo! 

I'm currently on day 5, and so far so good. The only thing I am finding hard is how labour intensive it is to make something, it's hard to grab something on the go. I'm on holiday at the moment so it's not a big deal, but when work starts I know i'll have to be a lot more on to it with my planning and preparation.

Here's a snippet of what food from the last few days has looked like...

Paleo pancake - mix 1 egg with 1 banana - fry (in coconut oil) like a normal pancake & top with fresh fruit (I used a nectarine), whipped coconut cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Dinner day 3 - salmon fillet pan seared in coconut oil, and roasted cauliflower and pumpkin sprinkled with garlic powder. 

Already up to day 7...YEOW!!

#aylawouldbeproud #killingit #fortheloveofpaleo

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Chai for the win!

For the last couple of years I've been all about making gifts - especially for Christmas. This may or may not have anything to do with the fact that I haven't had much spare cash to buy gifts with, but has everything to do with me wanting to get creative!

This year I decided to try make chai syrup. I'm rather partial to a bit of chai now and then, and I know some of my gift recipients are as well, le the perfect excuse.

The first batch I made I think was the best - beginners luck?! Although, batches since then have had rave reviews also. Syrups that you can buy tend to be on the sweeter side, as are the syrups a lot of cafes use, but I prefer a spicy chai which is what I have made. I used a small amount of honey as a sweetener, you can use as much or as little as you like, as well as substituting the honey for different types of sugar. You can also add as much or as little as you'd like of the spices depending on the flavour you want.

Chai Syrup
1 vanilla pod - split
2 cinnamon sticks
1/2 teaspoon of ground nutmeg
8 cardamom pods - crushed
10 whole cloves
2 star anise
a thumb sized piece of fresh ginger - roughly chopped 
1 tablespoon of honey (I used wild honey, but any will do) or sweetener of your choice
10 black tea bags or loose black tea equivalent
5 cups of cold water

Place all the ingredients in a large saucepan and pour over the cold water.

Bring to the boil, and then reduce the heat. Simmer, uncovered, on a low heat for about 30 minutes. 

After it has simmered for 30 minutes, strain into a jug with a fine sieve and allow to cool.

Once cooled, decant into sterilized bottles and seal.

Keep in the refrigerator and use within a week.

I like to serve mine at a ratio of 1:1 syrup & milk. I prefer soy, but all milk works fine.

Either mix both syrup and milk together and heat in a small saucepan, or in the microwave, or, if you are feeling fancy, heat the milk separately, froth in a coffee plunger and then pour over hot syrup, sprinkle with cinnamon and serve. And for those feeling even more with whipped or thickened cream #legit #realtalk #youknowit


Friday, December 26, 2014

In the beginning

This blog is ambitious. It is ambitious because I am terrible at keeping up to date on a blog I start...the running one, the one that talks about candy stripes...

This blog is an outlet for my foodie type musings, as well as musings of other sorts. It serves as a platform to share, or satisfy the itch for pretty, crafty, foodie things that Pintrest and all the other blogs I follow has created.

I like crafty things. I am my own worst critic, I like to bake - cakes mostly. I collect vintage crockery, with a penchant for collectible teaspoons. I also collect mugs - vintage and non-vintage. I am addicted to coffee. Good coffee. I like sparkly things, but glitter gets too messy. I wear chucks on a very regular basis and have too many scarves. Fresh flowers make me extremely happy. Scented candles are far too expensive but I buy them anyway (the small ones). I buy my skincare on Ebay from Korea. I wish I had more money to spend on makeup. I believe that there is ALWAYS a reason to dress up and look your best - even if it's only to go to the supermarket. Japan holds a special place in my heart. I don't like inspirational quotes on Facebook - although I tolerate them on Instagram. A good meme makes my day, as does a great hashtag. My mantra - do you first and the rest will follow. #word #getonmylevel #soinspo

Coffee, fresh flowers and old copies of Frankie. Perfect.